Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Sponsored by Allied Arts Foundation, !!ArtsLaunch!! is a series of informal evenings of performance and inter-disciplinary dialogue, presenting works-in-progress by emerging and established Seattle artists. This edition features choreographers Vidya Guhan, Christy Fisher, Diana Garcia-Snyder, and Rosa Vissers, composer Clifford Dunn, and writers Karl Thuneman and Peter Choi. Following the performance there will be an informal discussion between artists and the audience where each work provides a window into the creative process.
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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Anton Batagov: Bells & Other Sounds

DoubleSharp presents the distinguished Russian pianist Anton Batagov in his Seattle debut, and his first public performance in 12 years. Heralded as “one of the most significant and unusual figures of Russian contemporary music” (Newsweek, 1997) and "a Russian Terry Riley" (Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times, 2008), Anton Batagov is one of the most influential Russian composers and performers. (REVIEW)
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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Steve Peters: 50th Birthday Retrospective

Nonsequitur co-founder Steve Peters celebrates his 50th birthday with a concert of his music from the past thirty years: Chamber Music 5: Stained Glass (2008) site-specific sound installation (pre-show); Paris, once (1984) solo piano, performed by Robin Holcomb; Planctus (1993/94) Javanese gamelan, performed by Gamelan Pacifica; Brief Lives (2008) assorted instruments & objects, performed by members of the Eye Music Ensemble; Improvised set by members of the Seattle Phonographers Union; Webster Cycles (1981) performed by Stuart Dempster, Lesli Dalaba, Jeremiah Cawley, David Marriott, Nelson Bell, and Andy Clausen.
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Friday, September 25, 2009

Gamelan Pacifica

Seattle's Gamelan Pacifica performs music of ensemble member Jessika Kenney, including Bahar Amad (based on a poem of Mowlana Rumi) and Her Sword (based on a poem of Attar), which also feature the mercurial viola stylings of soloist Eyvind Kang. Her music combines aspects of Persian and Indonesian traditions, particularly in the sense of tonality, and are often based on intensive, almost exegetical readings of classic Sufi poetry in Persian, Arabic, and Javanese. The second part of the concert features Lou Harrison's A Soedjatmoko Set (1989) for gamelan, soloist, and mixed chorus.
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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bill Horist

Guitarist Bill Horist celebrates his 17th anniversary (to the day) of landing on the shores of Puget Sound. The first set will be acoustic, featuring unreleased works and improvisations as well as pieces from the upcoming North Pole Records release Covalent Lodge. The second set will feature Bill's trademark prepared electric guitar improvisations.
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Friday, September 18, 2009

David Haney/Julian Priester & Friends

David Haney and Julian Priester have recorded three CDs for CIMP and Cadence Jazz Records. With guest musicians Dan Blunck (reeds and flute), Marc Smason (trombone), Roslynn deRoos (clarinet), Dan O'Brien (bass), Ken Paine (drums), and Dalton Davis (drums).
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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Danse Perdue: El Asalto

Danse Perdue continues to probe the effects of social trauma and degradation upon the world body, using the dancer’s flesh and physio/psychological responses as a locus of experimentation and empathy. Based on the novel by Reinaldo Arenas, El Asalto forges a vision of totalitarianism at its zenith — a society exploding its own measures of brutality and absurdity. Dancers: Vanessa Skantze, Alex Ruhe, Ariel Denham, Kaoru Okumura, Lin Lucas, Katrina Sirena, Lugh, Richard Woods. Musicians: celadon, Joy Von Spain.
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Friday, September 4, 2009

Seattle Composers' Salon

The bi-monthly Seattle Composers' Salon kicks off its eleventh season with music by composers David Mesler, William O. Smith, Doug Palmer, Keith Eisenbrey, and Paul Clark.
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